Monthly Archives: March 2011

Texas laws already protect insurance industry

By Robert “Bob” Haslam Special to the Star-Telegram Gov. Rick Perry’s proposals for Texas’ legal system would help his insurance company contributors further increase their profits on the backs of those least able to help themselves after being injured by others’ negligence — and limit the already small recoveries available to plaintiffs in Texas. Perry… Read More

Stop giving away our legal rights

For the fourth time in recent memory, business interests and insurance companies want to further tilt the scales of justice in their favor. Called tort reform and pitched as being aimed only at frivolous lawsuits, the reality of these proposals is far different than the rhetoric used to justify them. First, the system already deals… Read More

Death of a loved one can be beginning of hard fight with life insurer

Jane Pierce spent nine years struggling alongside her husband, Todd, as he fought cancer in his sinus cavity. The treatments were working. Then in July 2009, Todd died in a fiery car crash. He was 46. That was the beginning of a whole new battle for Jane, this time with Todd’s life insurance company, MetLife.… Read More

FDA cracks down on untested cold medicines

The Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday that it will remove roughly 500 unapproved cold and allergy medications from the market as part of an ongoing crackdown on ineffective prescription drugs. The FDA requires companies to submit all new prescription drugs for scientific review before they are launched. However, thousands of drugs actually predate the… Read More