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Crash in Lawton Sends 9 Year Old to Hospital

Last week, three people were hospitalized after a two-vehicle crash in Lawton. The crash happened on Wednesday, the 19th, just before noon. This two-car collision occurred at the intersection of 67th and Gore. KSWO News Channel Seven reports that traffic was held up for a while. Witness reports indicate that a car was t-boned when… Read More

Wildfire in Holliday Due to Power Equipment Failure

A wildfire in Holliday is being blamed on equipment failure. An estimated 50 acres of land burned in Holliday, Texas behind residential homes on FM 440. The wildfire started Tuesday evening. According to News Channel Six, the fire started when two power lines touched after the cross arms of a main power pole failed. Firefighters… Read More

Two-Vehicle Crash in Elgin, Oklahoma

A two-vehicle wreck in Elgin, Oklahoma sent at least one person to the hospital. Very few details have been released about the wreck that occurred in Southern Oklahoma last Saturday night. The crash happened at the intersection of Highway 277 and Tony Creek Road. First responders were quickly called to the scene, just before 10:00… Read More

Lawton Police Cruiser Wrecks While Responding to Crash

There were two one-vehicle crashes that occurred early Wednesday morning in Lawton. One of the crashes involved a police cruiser. The original crash happened at about 3:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. This initial crash occurred on Southwest Lee Boulevard and 45th Street. KFDX News Channel Three reports that a red Ford Explorer was turning East onto… Read More

Is Your Insurance Company Treating You Fairly?

The Associated Press recently reported that nearly 71,000 insurance claims have been filed in relation to the tornadoes that swept through Oklahoma last month. Insurance adjusters are likely working overtime to get claims reviewed. Under the law, your insurance company has certain duties to treat your fairly. There are deadlines for responding to claims. The… Read More

Lawton Crash Sends Motorcyclist to Hospital

A wreck in Lawton sent a motorcycle rider to the hospital last Friday. A motorcyclist was on North West 52nd Street, leaving Fort Sill, when he was struck at an intersection. KSWO Channel Seven News reports that the motorcycle rider had a green light. He was traveling through the intersection when he was struck by… Read More

Three Teens injured in Oklahoma Crash

Three teenagers were injured in a one-car crash near Durant, Oklahoma. The wreck occurred early Wednesday morning in Bryan County. The driver was 14 years old, and both passengers were 13 years old. The crash happened at about 1:00 a.m., two miles east of Durant on a county road. Authorities with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol… Read More

Study Highlights The Importance of Post-Concussion Recovery

An article by NBC News reports on the findings of a recent study regarding concussions in child athletes. The article reports that the average recovery time for a first concussion in a child is about 12 days. The article also states that children who receive a second or third concussion can expect recovery time to… Read More

Distracted Driving to Blame for Chain Reaction Crash

Distracted driving covers a wide variety of actions. Texting while driving is just one of the many types of distracted driving behaviors. Talking on the phone, eating food and changing radio stations are all considered forms of distracted driving. Rubbernecking is also a type of distracted driving. A three-vehicle chain reaction crash that occurred near… Read More

Fatal Archer County Crash

A crash in Archer County has claimed at least one life. This two-vehicle collision occurred at the intersection of Business 82 and U.S. 182. Texas Department of Public Safety troopers stated that the wreck happened at about 10:00 p.m. last Friday night. KFDX News Channel Three reported that Cynthia Malone was leaving Holiday and driving… Read More