How long should I wait before consulting an attorney?

The short answer is that you should not wait. Frequently a person goes to an attorney after they have already made a mistake that seriously affects their claim. Many attorneys that help injured people have a policy that your first office visit is free. That is our policy at the Altman Legal Group. You may not want or need to hire an attorney, but you do need to talk to one. An injury claim is much more complex than people realize. An innocent comment to a well-trained insurance adjuster can and will be used against you. A misunderstood comment to a medical provider goes in your medical records and will be used against you. A mistake with an insurance adjuster could invalidate your own insurance policy that provided you benefits that you paid for.

Talk to an attorney as soon as possible. Then you can decide if hiring an attorney is right for you. At the Altman Legal Group we will answer your questions. We will make suggestions. If you do not hire us, we only ask that you recommend us to someone that may need our help in the future.