What kind of compensation can I receive if I’m injured due to someone’s negligence?

You may be able to recover your losses for:
The value of your property damage if it cannot be fixed;
Your medical bills, past and future;
Your lost wages or income, past and future;
Your loss of physical and mental abilities, commonly called impairment;
Your loss of ability to enjoy life, commonly called pain and suffering;
Other losses specific to your case.

The very real danger is that you can lose the ability to recover for your losses by simple acts such as signing the “standard” forms at the hospital, or giving a statement to an insurance adjuster. Insurance adjusters are not your friends. They are evaluated on how well (meaning how cheaply) they settle claims. They are trained to follow carefully worded scripts to get answers that put you in the worse possible light.

If you have insurance, you can lose benefits by not coordinating benefit payments by different policies.