When will my case settle?

This is determined by you and the individual facts in your case. We will not suggest settlement until you have a clear understanding of your injuries and loss. We want to present the full amount of your loss to the insurance company. That includes the cost of future medical care that you may need. There are many variables that go into when a case might settle. These include liability issues, lost wages or other income, your medical condition, your need for treatment in the future, insurance company offers on your case, whether a lawsuit is filed or not, and many other factors. We will strive to help you  resolve your case as quickly as these factors allow. We know that our clients are usually under financial stress due to lost wages and medical bills.

You make the decisions about whether and when to settle your case. Our job is to represent you. We do what is necessary to protect and explain your claim. We give you the information you need to make the decision that is right for you. As your attorneys we do not settle your case without your informed consent and agreement.