Will my case settle or go to trial?

No one wants a lawsuit. At the Altman Legal Group we do everything we can to settle your case before a lawsuit is filed. We provide liability insurance companies with everything they need to fairly evaluate your claim. We give them medical records and wage information. We give them medical opinions about the nature and extent of your injury. Some insurance companies, Allstate is a good example, never negotiate in good faith because they have done studies showing many attorneys do not aggressively represent their clients and will settle for “pennies” rather than fighting for their clients. It seems that every time Allstate gets out of a just payment the CEO gets more stock options.

At the Altman Legal Group we pride ourselves on our aggressive representation of the injured.  Our success in the courtroom has garnered respect from insurance companies. They know we will not back down and they negotiate with that knowledge.  While we cannot promise that your case will be settled without a lawsuit, you can be rest assured that we will try everything in our power to settle your case before going to trial. However, we will not give in to unfair insurance offers. If necessary we will aggressively pursue your case through trial (and appeal, if necessary).