What if the other driver has no insurance?

This is a big problem in Texas and Oklahoma. If the other driver has no insurance, your attorney can seek a judgment against him or her and go after any money or nonexempt property they have. However, most of the time if the other driver does not have insurance, he does not have any assets.… Read More

Can I make a claim against the Federal Government if I am injured or my property is damaged by the negligence of a federal government employee driving a federal government vehicle?

Yes, you can. However, these cases are very different than normal causes of action. These cases are controlled by the Federal Tort Claims Act. It is a very technical type of claim and you are definitely advised to consult with a qualified law firm, like ALTMAN LEGAL GROUP, who has the knowledge and experience to… Read More

Is There a Lawsuit Crisis in America?

Myth – The civil jury system is a uniquely American Institution. Fact – The origins of the jury system have been traced to ancient Egypt (c. 2000 B.C.).1 The right to trial by jury was guaranteed to English citizens by the Magna Carta, signed by King John at Runnymede in 1215.2 Myth – The United… Read More

What are the coverages I can have on my Auto policy?

Following is a summary of the eight coverages in the Texas Personal Automobile Policy. Although your coverages and policy terms may be different from these, this summary can help you understand the coverages. 1. Liability Coverage (Basic liability coverage meets the state’s financial responsibility requirement.) What it pays: The following expenses, up to your policy’s… Read More

What is a class action lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit is filed on behalf of a group of people who have been in some way injured by the actions of a company. It is common to see class action lawsuits filed by members of the company if hiring or salary practices have been illegal. Another type is the class action lawsuit… Read More

Will my case settle or go to trial?

No one wants a lawsuit. At the Altman Legal Group we do everything we can to settle your case before a lawsuit is filed. We provide liability insurance companies with everything they need to fairly evaluate your claim. We give them medical records and wage information. We give them medical opinions about the nature and… Read More

When will my case settle?

This is determined by you and the individual facts in your case. We will not suggest settlement until you have a clear understanding of your injuries and loss. We want to present the full amount of your loss to the insurance company. That includes the cost of future medical care that you may need. There… Read More

How do I know when it is time to settle?

There is no magic answer to this question. Each situation is different. The best answer is to get a good attorney and listen to his advice, but make up your own mind. You want an attorney that has years of experience in representing injured persons. That attorney will have learned from the experience of making… Read More