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Auto Insurance Coverage: Need to Know

Do you know what your auto insurance policy covers in the event of a car accident? If you’re like many Americans, you might know your premium costs and deductibles, but beyond that, you could be in for a surprise after a collision. It’s important to understand that not all insurance policies are created equal. The Altman Legal Group’s Grant Rogers recently wrote an article about the four questions you need to ask your insurance agent today. Don’t wait until you’ve been injured in a car accident to find out the details about your coverage. Find out today whether your coverage is good enough, and make policy changes, if necessary.

Good Coverage Versus Bad Coverage

Many of us are driving around with the bare minimum type of auto insurance coverage. We don’t have roadside assistance, rental car availability or coverage in the event of an accident involving an uninsured motorist. Many of these important items only raise the price of insurance premiums a little bit, so it’s important to talk to your agent about how much bang your getting for your buck. Really good coverage might not be as expensive as you think. Listed below are the top four questions to ask your agent about your current auto insurance policy.

Four Questions to Ask Your Agent

  1. If I’m injured in a car wreck, incur medical bills, and miss work, am I covered? If so, how much coverage is there?
  2. If I’m hit by a driver with no insurance at all or by one who has minimal coverage, is my own coverage going to step in and help?
  3. If my car is severely damaged or totaled, will you provide a rental car? For how many days?
  4. If a car wreck is my fault, and my car is badly damaged, will you be repairing it?

After a Car Accident in Texoma

Even with the best insurance plans and under some of the most highly rated insurance companies, it can still be difficult to get claims processed. It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to delay and deny legitimate claims in hopes of wearing down policyholders. If you were injured in an accident caused by somebody else’s negligence, it’s a good idea to speak with a skilled personal injury attorney about your case. Your lawyer can be your advocate during a difficult time and deal with the insurance company for you.

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