Injury Claims: Fires & Explosions

Smokehouse Creek fire in Texas causes massive destruction to over 1,700 square miles. Xcel Energy accepts blame for role in fire. Altman Legal Group has years of experience handling mass disaster fire claims. We are ready! Call us now if you have been affected.

March 7, 2024

Two Injured in WF House Fire

December 11, 2015

Recently, two people were critically injured in a house fire in Wichita Falls. According to KFDX News Channel Three, the incident happened on the 100 block of north Glencoe Street just before 5:00 a.m. The elderly couple was taken to the burn unit at Parkland Hospital in Dallas for treatment. As of Thursday, December 3,…

Fire at Parkway Villa Apartments

July 8, 2015

On Sunday evening, an apartment fire broke out at the Parkway Villa apartment complex. According to KFDX News Channel Three, the incident happened at about 5:30 p.m. There was reportedly one person inside of the apartment complex at the time of the fire. That man jumped out of a second story window to escape the…

House Fire in Wichita Falls

June 11, 2015

Earlier this week, a house fire in Wichita Falls sent a man and his son to the hospital. According to KFDX News Channel Three, the fire started sometime around 4:00 a.m., on the 500 block of Austin Street. Jerry Roberts Senior, 75 years old, and his son Jerry Roberts Junior, 52 years old, were both…

Residential Fires in Texoma

January 14, 2015

In the past week, there have been two separate residential fires in the Texoma area. A fire destroyed a home in Burkburnett and an apartment fire in Wichita Falls sent two adults and a baby to the hospital. Since very few details have been released about these fires, investigations are likely still underway. Burkburnett Home…

Wichita Falls Man Suffers from Electrical Burn at Wal-Mart

August 8, 2014

Earlier this week, a Wichita Falls man was injured in an electrical fire at the Wal-Mart in Graham. According to KDFX News Channel Three, Christopher Wilbur had to be air lifted to the burn unit at Parkland Hospital in Dallas after the incident. Apparently, he was working on an electrical panel when he caught fire.…

Fatal Fireworks Explosion in Comanche

July 8, 2014

Last Thursday, a fireworks malfunction in Comanche killed one person and sent three others to the hospital. For currently unknown reasons, a trailer holding fireworks exploded unexpectedly. According to NBC Dallas Fort Worth News Channel Five, the incident happened at about 9:00 a.m. The trailer was parked at a baseball field, just west of a…

Oklahoma Fire Kills One Person and Destroys 20 homes

May 9, 2014

On Sunday, a fire that started as a prescribed burn killed one person and destroyed at least 20 homes in Oklahoma. The fire started in Logan County, Oklahoma. As of Sunday night, the fire was about four miles long and a mile wide. Somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000 acres were burned by Sunday evening. The…

Wichita Falls Apartment Complex Fire

December 23, 2013

Two separate fires happened on Monday night, displacing 50 people from their homes. One of the fires started before 10:00 p.m. at the High Point Village apartment complex on Professional Drive. KFDX News Channel Three reports that the fire was contained to one apartment, where a resident was said to have been recently evicted. Early…

New Information Surfacing on West, Texas Explosion

April 24, 2013

Just as the nation was recovering from the shock of the bombing in Boston, a massive explosion claims the lives of at least 14 people in the small town of West, Texas. The blast occurred Wednesday evening, April 17, 2013. The entire community was evacuated. The explosion was said to be felt 50 miles away.…