Uninsured Driver Accidents

WFPD to Impound Cars of Uninsured Drivers

October 15, 2013

The City of Wichita Falls is implementing an impound policy for the cars of uninsured drivers. Beginning on Tuesday, October 15th, if a driver can’t produce proof of insurance or a valid driver’s license during a routine traffic stop, his or her car will be towed immediately. Drivers will be expected to pay for the…

Uninsured Motorists May Get Their Cars Impounded

July 10, 2013

Chief Manuel Borrego, of the Wichita Falls Police Department, is recommending that all uninsured vehicles be impounded. This proposal could mean that the vehicles of uninsured motorists could be impounded without a prior written citation. Chief Borrego believes that this strategy might help to make Texas roadways safer. He thinks the current laws just aren’t…