Brush Fire near Petrolia Burns 400 Acres

Last week, a brush fire near Petrolia burned about 400 acres of land. According to KFDX News Channel Three, the fire started sometime before 4:00 p.m., last Thursday near FM 2393. Firefighters were swiftly on the scene, and it took over two hours to contain the flames. Thankfully, the fire didn’t jump the road, but an estimated 400 acres were destroyed.

Texas Firefighters on the Scene for Hours

Firefighters were on hand until late Thursday night, keeping an eye on the remaining hot spots. Very little information has been released about the cause of this fire, which is still under investigation with authorities.

The Dangers of Brush Fires

Even when no structures or homes are damaged, grass and brush fires can be incredibly dangerous and damaging. With record-setting droughts, it doesn’t take long for a tiny brush fire to quickly burn out of control. The importance of firefighters gaining control of a brush fire swiftly can’t be overstated, even if it’s just pastureland, as far as the eye can see.

Dealing with the Aftermath of a Grass Fire

While some people may be breathing a sigh of relief because a fire was extinguished without destroying any homes or structures, it’s critical to remember that an estimated 400 acres were burned. These 400 acres could be a local rancher’s livelihood. A grass fire can destroy grazing land for cattle, which can impact a rancher’s bottom line for years to come. Burned fencing can cost thousands of dollars to replace and rebuild, and the reseeding costs for charred grazing land can be astronomical.

Brush Fires and Grass Fires

Determining the cause of a brush or grass fire is a top priority for investigators. Because fires can be incredibly damaging and costly for property owners, it’s essential to determine exactly how a fire got started. This is the first step in recovering compensation for the damages associated with a grass fire, which can include permanent loss of value of the land, a loss of cattle production, loss of grazing land, reseeding costs and fence mending expenses.

After a Brush Fire on Your Property

If you have suffered from property loss or destroyed grazing lands due to a brush fire, contact an experienced fire damage attorney as soon as possible. Cases are time sensitive, and the sooner an experienced investigator can examine the scene, the better. Contact the skilled fire damage lawyers at Altman Legal Group today at 940-761-4000 with questions about your case.