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Boating Accident

Teen Injured by Propeller while Boating

On Sunday night, a 13-year-old girl was injured in a boating incident on Foss Lake in Custer County. According to KSWO Channel Seven News, the girl was attempting to jump from a platform to a tube when she was injured. For whatever reason, she missed the tube and was struck by the boat’s propeller. Very few details have been released about this incident, but KSWO News does report that she was airlifted to OU Medical Center for treatment of injuries.

Boating Accidents in Texas and Oklahoma

Boaters in North Texas and Oklahoma have been cooling off in area lakes this summer. Although boating can be a carefree and enjoyable weekend activity for fisherman and women and water-sport enthusiasts, it’s not without risks, especially when other boaters are acting negligently. Since immediate access to medical assistance and first responders can be difficult on the water, injuries that occur while boating can be serious, if not fatal. Listed below are a few common causes for accidents involving boats.

Common Causes for Boat Accidents

  • Driver error
  • The boat’s speed
  • Inexperience of the driver
  • Defective equipment
  • Distracted or impaired driving of the vessel
  • Mechanical failure
  • Bad weather
  • Overloaded boats
  • Not keeping properly required safety equipment onboard.

Boat Accident Investigations

Accidents involving boats can be a lot more complicated to investigate than car accidents. It’s not as simple as traveling to a car crash scene and taking photos of skid marks. An accident on the open water can make the investigation much more difficult for investigators. Time is critical in a case involving a boat accident. A thorough and comprehensive investigation will be essential to your case. If somebody’s negligent, careless or willful misconduct on a boat caused your injury, they may be responsible for your medical bills, lost wages and other financial burdens associated with the accident.

After a Boating Accident

If you or a loved one has been injured while boating, due to somebody else’s negligence, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner you speak with an attorney, the better. It’s absolutely essential to have an in-depth investigation to determine who or what caused your injury. There’s no word on the extent of the teen’s injuries, but her condition was described as serious. The team at the Altman Legal Group wishes the injured teen a speedy and full recovery.

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