Chain Reaction Crash Injures Three on I-44

A recent three-vehicle wreck involving injuries occurred on I-44 near Riley Road. At least three people have been injured. Unfortunately, one of the vehicles involved in the crash was a daycare van. There is no word yet whether there were any children in the van at the time of the collision. Law enforcement officials have not released many details relating to the crash. Allegedly, the daycare van was getting ready to merge onto I-44 when a sport utility vehicle struck it. A third car involved makes this a chain reaction crash. Law enforcement officials have not released the names of the victims or their medical conditions.

Chain reaction wrecks often take a long time for investigative officials to sort out. In the mean time, victims are dealing with injuries and lost wages. Sometimes, not all of the drivers are adequately covered by insurance. In addition, each insurance company may be hearing a different version of the events. The more automobiles that are involved in a chain reaction crash, the more complicated the case becomes. While insurance companies are busy disputing the facts, victims may be out of work and in the hospital. Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney is crucial for victims that want the best possible outcome. Victims may be dealing with lost wages, medical bills, automobile damages and pain and suffering.