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City Worker in Lawton Attacked by Dogs

Earlier this week, a city worker in Lawton was attacked by dogs. The city water employee, whose name hasn’t been released, was in the middle of restoring water to a home on Southwest Park Avenue when two pit bulls viciously attacked him.

According to KSWO News Channel Seven, he suffered from significant injuries to his head, arms and legs, but was able to get free of the dogs. First responders were swiftly on the scene, and he was rushed to the hospital. There’s no word on his current condition, but KSWO News did report that he was treated and released from the hospital.

Dogs Seized by Animal Control

No information has been released on how these dogs were able to attack this city employee. Were they let loose in a yard he was working in? Did they break out of a poorly-fenced in area or were they turned out off-leash to roam freely? Thankfully, the animals were seized by the animal control department.

The owner was apparently aware that at least one of the dogs has a history of aggression and has been known to bite. She reportedly told KSWO News that she did intend to get her dogs back, when and if they were going to be released by the city. Currently, there’s no word on the situation.

Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bite injuries can leave victims with severe lacerations, infections and painful scar tissue. Especially when bites to the face occur, it may be necessary to go through multiple reconstructive plastic surgeries.Dog attack victims might be facing a variety of stitches and staples to close lacerations.

In addition to the physical aftermath of a dog attack, victims frequently suffer from emotional and mental pain and suffering. Getting viciously attacked by what should be “man’s best friend” is a traumatic experience, and it can leave victims with a new-found fear of dogs, mistrust of friendly animals and painful emotional scars.

After a Dog Attack in Texas or Oklahoma

Victims of dog attacks are often facing expensive medical bills, lost wages and lengthy recovery periods, and dog bite cases can be incredibly complex.

In addition to dealing with negligent pet owners, it is often necessary to make a claim against their homeowner’s insurance policy. If you or your loved one has been attacked by a dog, contact the experienced team at the Altman Legal Group at 580-353-4878 for a free consultation today.

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