Clay County Rollover Wreck

Earlier this week, a rollover wreck in Clay County sent two people to the hospital. This one-car crash involving a Ford Super Duty truck happened on Highway 174.

According to KFDX News Channel Three, Don and Victoria Meredith, of Archer City, were headed east on 174 when for unknown reasons, their car crossed over into the opposite lane. Authorities report that the driver then over-corrected the truck. The vehicle went into the ditch and flipped twice. There is no word on why the truck crossed into the other lane.

Air Lift to United Regional

KFDX News hasn’t released information about who was driving, but Victoria Meredith was air lifted to United Regional Hospital for treatment of injuries. Don Meredith was transported to the hospital by ambulance. According to DPS officials, Don Meredith suffered from broken bones.

There’s no information on Victoria Meredith’s current condition or the extent of her injuries. Since very few details have been released about this crash, it is likely still under investigation with authorities.

Crossing the Centerline and Over Correction

Any time a driver unintentionally leaves his or her lane, there is a potential for danger. It’s not uncommon for distracted driving behaviors to lead to crossing centerlines or veering off of shoulders. Oncoming traffic is dangerous enough too, without the added hazard of potential over correction.Trucks and other vehicles with high centers of gravity are especially prone to rolling in the event of an over correction. wants to encourage drivers to avoid panic-like steering which can lead to dangerous over correction. If a car, truck or SUV is over corrected, the driver can lose control, and the vehicle can slide sideways or roll over. This is an especially important concept to understand if you’re driving at speed. The faster you’re going, the more dangerous an over correction can be.

Driving Safe

Paying attention to the task of driving is the best way to avoid over correcting. If your attention is on the roadway, you’re not going to veer off the shoulder or cross the center line. In the unlikely event you do find yourself in either of those situations, it’s important to remain calm. Don’t over steer or over correct in a panicked state. It can be a recipe for disaster. The team at the Altman Legal Group wishes Don and Victoria Meredith speedy and full recoveries from their injuries.