When we are privileged to be hired by a client we know that is very important for us to maintain good communications. We are in a service industry and our promise is to provide outstanding service. We provide our time and expertise when our clients are injured desperately need help. An important need of a client who has been seriously injured is to be kept informed. If we don’t meet the needs of our clients and stay in communication with them we are not providing the best service.

When clients call or email us our responsibility is to promptly respond. Clients hire us at a time when they are in need and in distress. Our clients are dealing with something they have never experienced and have many questions. It is important to us that we honor and respect our clients by being responsive to their needs.

We frequently hear from our clients how much they appreciate us staying in touch with them and keeping them informed. Many clients tell us they hired us because a former client told them that they not only got a great result but also their lawyer kept them informed.