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Concussion Rates in Young Athletes

CBS News recently reported on a new study’s findings about Mayo Clinic, a concussion happens when a traumatic brain injury alters the way one’s brain functions. Temporary symptoms which alter brain function are very common, and many people also suffer from long-term side effects. Concussions typically occur when the brain moves rapidly within the skull. This can happen as a result of a violent jolt or blow to the head. Sudden acceleration and deceleration, which can occur incar crashes, is also a common cause for concussions. A severe concussion can even lead to bleeding in and around the brain. If you suspect you may have a concussion, seek medical attention immediately. Listed below are just a fewcommon concussion symptoms.

Concussion Symptoms

  • Headaches
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Slurred speech
  • Amnesia surrounding trauma
  • Concentration and memory problems
  • Irritability and personality changes
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Sensitivity to noise and light
  • Psychologicaladjustment issues including depression

Although head traumas like concussions are fairly common in small children, they can be difficult to recognize. According to the Mayo Clinic, parents should be on the lookout for nonverbal clues like listlessness, irritability, loss of balance and a change in eating or sleeping habits.

Common Traumas that Result in Concussions

Even with helmets on, student athletes are at risk for getting concussions. Any type of traumatic jolt or blow to the head can result in a concussion. It’s common for people to suffer from concussions after car accidents. Car accident victims can get concussions from hitting their heads on steering wheels and the interior of their cars. In some cases, the violent impact of an airbag can result in a concussion. Since the brain can be jolted around in the skull, motorcyclists who wear helmets are still at risk too.

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