Crash at Red River Bridge

A crash near the Red River Bridge sent at least two people to the hospital. The collision occurred on Monday afternoon around 2:30 p.m. This wreck happened on I-44 on the Texas side of the river. KFDX News Channel Three reports that a Nissan Altima was traveling north when a van began to merge onto I-44. The van struck the Altima and forced it into the southbound lanes. Officers with the Burkburnett Police Department were on the scene swiftly. Traffic was slowed in both directions as officers handled the scene. Both drivers were taken to United Regional Hospital. There is no word on their injuries or current conditions.

Crashes involving entrance and exit ramps aren’t widely researched, but in 2004, an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study reviewed types and characteristics of ramp-related motor vehicle crashes on urban interstate roadways in Northern Virginia. The study found that 36 percent of all crashes occurred while drivers were entering the interstate. They also found that crashes that happened on ramp margins (where access roads or ramps enter or exit) were most commonly associated with sideswipe or cutoff crashes. The study did include information on various factors that may have contributed to wrecks. They noted that alcohol was reported in 14 percent of run-off-road crashes on ramps and 30 percent of run-of-road crashes which occurred on ramp margins. They also made note of factors like ramp curves, bad weather, visibility and speed.

The study didn’t mention whether any of the wrecks were attributed to distracted driving. We recently reported on a court decision in New Jersey that could have implications for people who knowingly text drivers. The case involved a couple who lost their legs when their motorcycle was hit by a distracted driver. No matter what the circumstances are, victims of car accidents are often facing lost wages, extensive automobile or motorcycle damage, expensive medical bills, lengthy recoveries, pain and suffering.

It’s important to contact an experienced car accident attorney after any wreck. An attorney can be an advocate for victims during a difficult time. Victims need to focus on feeling better and getting back to their regular lives. An attorney can stay abreast of official investigations and find out if distracted driving was to blame in a wreck. In addition, a skilled personal injury attorney can deal with the insurance companies and hold them accountable for the coverage promised to victims. If you have been injured in a car crash, contact the experienced attorneys at the Altman Legal Group at 940-761-4000 for a free consultation.