Crash Sends Four People to Hospital

Last Friday, a two-vehicle crash outside of Wichita Falls sent four people to the hospital. The driver of a black Dodge truck ran a stop sign at Texas 258 while traveling southbound on FM 368. Trooper Tony Fulton, with the Texas Department of Public Safety, stated that the driver was unfamiliar with the area. He also reported that the Dodge nearly cleared the intersection, but a white Toyota 4Runner clipped its back end. The Toyota was heading east on Texas 258. The Dodge truck spun and stopped on the south side of the roadway. Unfortunately, the Toyota spun violently, rolled and ejected three of the four people in it.

One of the victims had to be airlifted to United Regional. Three other victims were swiftly transported by ambulance to the hospital. There is no word on their current conditions. Fulton did state that charges may be pending for the driver of the truck. Fulton stated that it was unclear if any or all of these passengers were wearing seat belts. He also remarked that this is a good time to point out the importance of safety belts.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) seat belts can reduce serious crash-related injuries and deaths by about 50 percent. They also note that motorists and passengers are best protected when seat belts and air bags are utilized together. The CDC also reports that young adults, age 18-34, are less likely to wear seat belts than adults over the age of 35. In addition, adults who live in rural areas are 10 percent less likely to use safety belts than those who live in urban and suburban areas. The CDC wants to encourage everybody to buckle up, no matter how short the trip is.

If you have been injured in a car accident, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney as quickly as possible. Victims may be facing prolonged hospital stays, painful injuries and loss of income. An attorney can be a victim’s advocate during this difficult time. If a driver is found to have violated a traffic law during or just before a crash, he or she can be held liable for damages. The victims of this crash may have a case against the driver of the pickup truck, especially if charges are filed. The team at the Altman Legal Group wishes speedy and full recoveries to all of the victims in this crash.