Deadly Crash Near Olney

Earlier this week, a crash near Olney left two people dead. The wreck happened at about 6:15 a.m. on Wednesday morning. Tony Fulton, with the Texas Department of Public Safety, said that a GMC pickup truck was headed west on 114, when it crossed the center line and struck a Dodge Durango in the eastbound lane. The driver of the GMC truck was 44-year-old Michael Hood of Bridgeport. The driver of the Dodge was Loree Jackson of Graham. Both drivers were killed in this crash. Fulton did tell KFDX News Channel Three that the wreck is still under investigation.

Authorities are probably trying to figure out what caused Hood to cross the center line. When collisions like this happen at night, investigators typically check the driver’s blood alcohol content. Since this collision happened during the day, investigators may be searching for other clues. Was the driver distracted? If distracted driving was a factor, Jackson’s family may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit. It’s never safe to take one’s attention away from the task of driving. Listed below are the three types of distracted driving.

Three Types of Distracted Driving

  1. Visual: This type of distraction occurs when a driver takes his or her eyes off of the road.
  2. Manual: This is when a driver takes his or her hands off of the wheel.
  3. Cognitive: This type of distracted driving is when a driver takes his or her mind off of the task of driving.

Many different distractions can fall into one or more of those categories. Texting is a visual, manual and cognitive distraction. Doing one’s makeup on the way to work is both a manual and a visual distraction. Eating food, changing radio stations, programming GPS devices and talking on the phone are all types of distractions.