Fire Damage in Texoma

In the past few weeks, Texoma residents have seen their fair share of house fires. Even when the residents are able to escape in time, house fires can be absolutely devastating. In addition to what can be the total loss of one’s home, victims of fire damage can lose their possessions or pets left inside too.

In many cases, smoke, fire and water damage can mean personal items and valuables are totally destroyed. A house fire in Burkburnett and another one in Lawton had local firefighters busy during the past couple of weeks. Earlier this month, we reported on the fire at the Faith Mission storage house too.

Lawton Fire Destroys Elderly Couple’s Home

Two weeks ago, a fire in Lawton destroyed an elderly couple’s home. According to KSWO News Channel Seven, the fire happened at around 7:00 p.m. on Southwest 13th street, south of Lee Boulevard. Witness reports indicate that there may have been some sort of explosion involved.

First responders had to close down a large area of the neighborhood to traffic while they extinguished the flames. Smoke from the house fire was reportedly seen for miles around. Thankfully, the couple was able to get out of their home in time. The cause of this fire is still under investigation with authorities.

Burkburnett House Fire

Earlier this week, a fire caused extensive damage to a house in Burkburnett. The fire happened on Tuesday afternoon on Gilbert Road, on the east side of town. According to KFDX News Channel Three, the first started in the garage of the house and then spread.

Firefighters from multiple departments including Burkburnett, Friberg-Cooper and Sheppard Air Force Base were swiftly on the scene, where smoke was initially coming from the attic. The home reportedly suffered from major smoke and water damage. This cause of this fire is still under investigation.

After a House Fire in North Texas

Coping with the aftermath of a house fire is tough, to say the least. Victims are often temporarily or permanently displaced. They might not have a single possession left that wasn’t destroyed by fire, smoke or water. On top of everything, now they have to deal with a pushy insurance company that is slow to process claims. Speaking with an attorney after a house fire needs to be a top priority. An experienced fire damage lawyer can be your advocate during this difficult time.