Fires in Lawton on July 4th

KSWO News Channel Seven reports that multiple fires were started in Lawton, Oklahoma on the evening of July 4th. They report that the Lawton Fire Department made about 40 runs on Independence Day alone. Firefighters were battling grass fires at 38th Street and South West Bishop and 52nd Street and South West Coombs. First responders were also called out to fires on 67th Street between Bishop and Coombs. Officials state that fireworks were reported to have started each of the fires. Luckily, the Lawton Fire Department had volunteers from Geronimo, where many of the fires began.

Unintentional fires are a danger anytime fireworks are being used. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) an estimated 17,800 fires were reported due to fireworks in 2011 alone. This number includes structure fires, vehicle fires and additional outside fires. The NFPA states that more fires are typically reported on Independence Day than on any other day of the year. Great care should be taken when considering an area to use fireworks. Yards with dry grass and lots of foliage can quickly go up in flames. Fireworks that misfire or malfunction can also cause dangerous unintentional fires.