Former Police Officer Indicted on Three Counts of Manslaughter

KFDX News Channel Three recently reported on a deadly wreck that involved an officer with the Wichita Falls Police Department. Teddy Whitefield, the former police officer, has been indicted on three counts of manslaughter. The crash, which happened on Jacksboro Highway in June of 2011, took the lives of two teenagers and an unborn baby.

The victims, 18-year-old Yeni Lopez and 13-year-old Gloria Montoya, were in a Pontiac Grand Am at the intersection of Holiday Road and Jacksboro Highway at the time of the crash. Whitefield’s patrol car struck the Grand Am. First responders found the car on its side. Tragically, Lopez was eight months pregnant. Whitefield was on duty in his patrol car at the time of the wreck. The toxicology results have been released, and there were four different medications detected in his body. He had been taking an allergy medication, diet pills and two different medications for depression including Xanax. KFDX News reports that Whitefield’s attorney has recently hired a car-crash re-constructionist for his defense case. John Gillespie, First Assistant District Attorney for Wichita County, anticipates that the trial will begin in the spring of 2014.

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