Governor Perry Takes a Firm Stance on Potential Texting Ban

A House committee hearing was just held on the potential texting while driving ban. This is Rep. Tom Craddick’s second attempt to get a law enacted to ban texting and emailing while operating a motor vehicle. Governor Rick Perry is calling the potential ban on texting while driving “a government effort to micromanage the behavior of adults.” Governor Perry does believe that texting while driving is irresponsible and reckless. He firmly holds the position that the issue of texting while driving needs to be addressed with education rather than regulation. Craddick says that education just isn’t enough to dissuade citizens from texting behind the wheel. The House committee hearing featured multiple heartfelt testimonials emphasizing the need for a ban on texting while driving.

The potential ban, House Bill 63, would impose a fine of up to $100 for anybody engaged in “text-based communication” on a hand-held device. This includes reading, writing or sending a text message. Hand-held devices are not limited to phones. The ban would include texting on notebooks, tablets and other electronic devices as well. The maximum fine on a second offence would be $200. Craddick continues to emphasize a need for the law. He believes that the only effective way to reduce distracted driving wrecks is to enact a law against texting while driving.