Graham Teen Killed in Collision

Early Wednesday morning, a two-car crash took the life of a Graham High School student. The wreck happened on State Highway 67. According to KFDX News Channel Three, Candice Martin, a senior at Graham High School, was headed to catch a bus for an area track meet at the time of the collision. Apparently, her 2002 Toyota Camry struck a 2011 Ford Truck head-on. She was headed northbound and the other driver was going southbound when it happened. Very little information has been released about this terrible crash.

There’s no word on how these two vehicles could have collided head on. Was there a mechanical problem with either one of the automobiles? Was texting involved? The cause of this crash is likely still under investigation, but one thing is for certain. The community in Graham, Texas is mourning the loss of a very special high school senior. Candice Martin, who recently turned 18, was a varsity athlete in a number of sports at Graham High School. She was well loved by many friends, classmates, teachers and acquaintances in the community. News Channel Six reported that grief counselors are being made available for students and staff members at all campuses in the Graham Independent School District. According to Dr. Lane Ledbetter, the district superintendent, Martin was a “vibrant student and an outstanding athlete.”

Teen Drivers: Just the Facts

  • In 2010, about 2,700 teens, between the ages of 16 and 19, across the U.S. were killed in crashes.
  • Nearly 282,000 teens were treated in emergency rooms for car crash injuries in 2010.
  • Per mile driven, teen drivers are three times more likely than drivers over the age of 19 to be involved in fatal crashes.
  • Newly licensed teens are at the highest risk for crashes in their first month of licensure.
  • The risk of having a crash grows with each additional teen passenger in the car.
  • The risk of having a car crash is higher for 16 to 19-year-olds than for any other age group.

Anytime a North Texas town loses a teenager, child or young adult, the whole community mourns. Although very little information has been released on the cause of this crash, authorities are likely trying to ensure wrecks like this don’t happen in the future. The team at the Altman Legal Group sends their deepest condolences to the family members and friends of Candice Martin.