Head-on Collision in Nolan County Leaves One Dead

A recent head-on collision leaves a Wichita Falls, Texas resident injured and one person dead. The collision occurred near Sweetwater, at 2:41 in the morning. This Nolan County crash happened in the westbound lane of Interstate 20. A Wichita Falls man, Gustavo Cervantes, was driving his Dodge Ram eastbound in the westbound lane of I-20. The 2002 Dodge Ram struck a 2006 Toyota that was travelling westbound. The driver of the Toyota was Cory Lynn Carlile of Rowlett, Texas. Cervantes suffered internal injuries, and Carlile was pronounced dead at the scene. Both drivers were wearing their seatbelts.

Head-on collisions are often the most deadly type of automobile crash. 2005 U.S. statistics showed that over 10 percent of all fatal crashes were head-on collisions. Drivers and passengers are at an incredibly high risk in these crashes. Basic physics principles explain that if each vehicle is travelling 60 miles per hour, their combined speed is 120 miles per hour upon impact. Many head-on collisions happen when one driver is in the wrong lane. Lane confusion can often occur when drinking and driving are combined. There has been no mention of drugs or alcohol during the investigation of this accident. Often, the driver travelling in the wrong lane is held liable in head-on collisions.

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