Helmet Saves the Life of Local Motorcyclist

A helmet has been credited with saving the life of a local motorcyclist. News Channel Six has reported on a two-vehicle crash that involved a motorcycle and a truck. The wreck occurred Saturday evening at 7:00 p.m. The wreck happened in the Stripes parking lot. The truck was allegedly pulling into the parking lot when it struck the biker. The motorcyclist was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment of severe injuries. News Channel Six reported that he is expected to survive. Police officers on the scene were quick to point out that his helmet may have saved his life. There is no word on his current condition.

Few details have been released about the cause of this collision. Wrecks that happen in parking lots very seldom occur at high speeds. Even in the safety of a confined parking lot, motorcyclists can still be gravely injured. This case further highlights the necessity of protective gear for motorcyclists. Police officers credit the helmet with saving this rider’s life. Motorcyclists don’t have air bags and safety belts. They are truly at the mercy of other drivers. Unfortunately, this means that even minor collisions can be life threatening.

Earlier this year, we reported on a fatal motorcycle crash in Wichita Falls. Sadly, we found that the Texas Department of Transportation reported that 87 percent of motorcycle crashes kill or injure the rider. This incredibly high percentage means that motorcyclists should take every possible precaution to stay safe. Distracted driving is another great threat to bikers. If a driver is texting, he or she isn’t looking out for motorcycle riders. Most bikers know that riding defensively is important for avoiding potential collisions. Bikers are sharing the roads with distracted, drunk and unaware drivers.

Unfortunately, safety gear and defensive riding tactics only go so far. Even the best riders can be broadsided by unaware drivers. The need for greater awareness for motorcycles can’t be understated. The Texas Department of Transportation isn’t alone in campaigning for motorcycle safety. Various state law enforcement agencies across America have implemented “Look Twice for Motorcycles” campaigns to help keep bikers safe. Following a collision, a biker should contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible. The attorney may be able to determine if the other driver was acting in a negligent manner. The team at the Altman Legal Group wishes the motorcycle rider a speedy and full recovery.