Icy Conditions on Texoma Roadways

The New Year brought cold, wet and icy conditions to the Texoma area. Car crashes across Wichita Falls have been blamed on the icy conditions, but officials are quick to point out that a variety of different factors contribute to crashes in slick conditions. Drivers are encouraged to exercise additional caution if they have to travel or commute in cold and icy conditions, and no matter what the roadway conditions are like, drivers should never be texting behind the wheel.

Multiple Wrecks in Wichita Falls

KFDX News Channel Three reports that there were a total of seven jackknifed semi trucks in the Texoma area. Additionally, there were 47 wrecks with non-drivable cars that had to be towed. Another 54 wrecks left cars in operating order, so drivers could take their cars home from the crash scenes. A variety of wrecks occurred on or near overpasses and bridges, which are notorious for freezing before other parts of the roadway.

Driving Too Fast for Conditions

One of the biggest reasons for crashes in icy weather is driving too fast for conditions. If you’re on icy roads, you need to adjust your speed. You can’t expect to go the normal speed limit safely. Slow the car down, drive defensively and remain alert for other motorists who may be in trouble. Give cars in front of you plenty of room, in case you need to stop in an emergency situation. Slowing down to an appropriate speed for the weather conditions helps to keep roadways safe for everybody.

Underestimating the Danger

Underestimating the danger involved in icy conditions was another factor contributing to wrecks last week. Officials report that drivers may get too comfortable when some areas of the road remain unfrozen. Another problem was texing behind the wheel. Distracted driving is dangerous enough under good weather conditions, but add ice to that and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Bridges and Overpasses Freeze First

Drivers are encouraged to stay home in icy weather, if they can. If they can’t, they’re reminded to slow down, pay attention and remember that bridges and overpasses freeze first. Exercising additional caution in these areas will help to keep roadways safe for drivers and their passenger occupants.

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