Investigative Developments in NCTC Bus Crash

Two weeks ago, we reported on the fatal crash that took the lives of four students from North Central Texas College. They students, part of the women’s softball team, were headed back from a game against Southern Nazarene University in Oklahoma. A tractor-trailer crossed the grassy center area of Interstate 35 and struck the bus carrying the softball team nearly head-on. The initial news report said that there were no skid marks that could have pointed to evasive maneuvers.

Investigative Developments

New information has come to light about the fatal crash. According to KFDX News Channel Three, initial investigative reports indicate that a marijuana pipe and multiple prescription drugs were found in the semi truck that struck the bus. At least two of the prescription drugs included drowsiness as a side effect. Since four people were killed and multiple others were injured, federal investigators were brought onto the case.

Marijuana and Prescription Drugs Behind the Wheel

While this crash may still be under investigation with local, state and federal authorities, it sounds like driving under the influence of prescription drugs and marijuana could have been factors in this terrible fatal wreck. The initial report from KFDX News stated that there could have been some distracted driving going on as well, so authorities are likely sorting through all of the available evidence to try to determine exactly how this tragic crash happened. Law enforcement officials were also going to subpoena medical records of the driver.

The Dangers of Drug Impaired Driving

It’s important to note that driving under the influence of drugs doesn’t just happen with illegal drugs. It can happen with over-the-counter and legally prescribed medications as well. Motorists and commercial drivers should never get behind the wheel if they have been taking certain medications that can impact wakefulness. Sure, everybody knows that driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal and endangering to other roadway users, but what about certain over-the-counter meds and prescriptions?

In-Depth Car Accident Investigations

Since there is basically no “breathalyzer” test for marijuana use or prescription drugs, it’s important to make sure car accidents are investigated to the full extent. Like distracted driving or certain other dangerous actions behind the wheel, drug use may not always be immediately apparent. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, contact the skilled team at the Altman Legal Group to get the ball rolling on your case.