Lawton Police Cruiser Wrecks While Responding to Crash

There were two one-vehicle crashes that occurred early Wednesday morning in Lawton. One of the crashes involved a police cruiser. The original crash happened at about 3:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. This initial crash occurred on Southwest Lee Boulevard and 45th Street. KFDX News Channel Three reports that a red Ford Explorer was turning East onto Lee Boulevard from 45th Street when the driver accelerated and lost control of the automobile. The Explorer struck a light pole after hitting the center median. The light pole fell across Lee Boulevard, and the driver of the explorer crashed through a fence. When a law enforcement officer arrived on the scene, he crashed as well.

Officer Dustin Dye arrived on the scene, and he immediately noticed the Explorer in a nearby backyard. Unfortunately while driving, he hit the light pole that was lying across Lee Road. He then struck another pole which left his cruiser unit disabled. KFDX also reports that his airbags deployed in the wreck. A citation for reckless driving was issued to the driver of the Explorer. The police cruiser wreck is going to be reviewed by a board. There’s no word on whether or not alcohol was a factor in the initial crash. It’s not uncommon for drugs or alcohol to be involved in crashes that happen late at night without other vehicles.