Motor Vehicle Wreck Statistics

Motor vehicle wreck statistics

What are some accident statistics?
Estimates of 41,000 to 45,000 traffic deaths occur every year within the U.S..

What is the total cost for all the accidents in the US?
Motor vehicle accident crashes cost society an estimated $4,900 per second. That’s about $30,000 in the time it took to read this fact. If insurance (or jury verdict) doesn’t compensate the non-offending driver/occupants, then car accidents causing injury are one of the leading causes forcing people into the states medicaid/medicare systems halping to cause huge budget shortfalls.

Auto Insurance companies profits soar over the last couple of years (while premiums continue to soar).
Automobile insurance companys have seen record profits in the past couple of years. This is greatly in part to the “lowballing” those injured in wrecks. In 2003, the insurance industry began a unified program to “starve out claimants” by making injured claimants accept “lowball” offers or taking thier case to Court (causing an increase in expenses for the injured).