Multi-Car Crash on U.S. 75

Last Friday morning, 15 cars and two semi trucks were involved in collisions on U.S. Highway 75. According to KFDX News Channel Three, multiple drivers lost control of their vehicles causing separate collisions. Witness reports indicate that some cars were struck multiple times. At least two people were hospitalized, but there’s no word on the extent of their injuries or their current conditions.

Icy Roadways Across Texoma

Over the past few months, we’ve reported on a variety of wintry weather conditions impacting roadways in Wichita Falls and across North Texas. In early February, the driver of an SUV lost control of the vehicle crossing an overpass. In the first week of January, there were close to 100 wrecks, including seven jackknifed semi trucks, across the Texoma area.

Driving Too Fast For Conditions

Driving too fast for conditions is a frequent cause for collisions during inclement weather. Motorists are expected to tailor their driving to the conditions of the road. If you’re in icy weather, you probably shouldn’t be reaching the maximum speed limit on most roadways across Texoma. Safely regulating your speed isn’t just for icy weather either. No matter what weather conditions you encounter, whether it’s snow, ice, rain, fog or some other type of weather or roadway condition, you should always adjust your speed for safe travel.

Allowing Extra Distance Between Vehicles

An important component to safe driving during poor weather conditions is allowing extra distance between vehicles, especially for the vehicle in front of you. If the driver in front of you has a problem or some kind of emergency, you will need extra distance to stop. If you’re too close to somebody who hits some kind of hazard in the road, you could easily rear-end that car. Pileups and chain-reaction crashes in bad weather (and good weather) are often due to drivers being too close to one another. Give the driver in front of you plenty of room.

Being a Savvy Winter Weather Driver

Being a savvy winter weather driver means always adjusting your speed to the conditions of the weather or road, making a commitment to distraction-free driving and allowing extra distance between your car and the car in front of you.

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