Multi-Car Wreck on Kemp and Seymour

At least one person was injured in a multi-car wreck this past Tuesday. KFDX News reports that the rainy weather may have been a factor in this three-car crash. The wreck happened at the Alon gas station located off of Kemp and Seymour Highway. At around 2:30 p.m., a Chrysler New Yorker was turning on to Kemp from Seymour Highway. The Chrysler struck a white Chevrolet which spun into the Alon station. The Chevrolet hit a Pontiac Gran Prix that was being filled up at the pumps. Authorities report that at least one person was taken to United Regional Hospital for treatment of injuries. There’s no word on the cause of this crash, but it’s possible that slick road conditions were a factor.

Driving during inclement weather requires vigilance and caution. With winter weather on the way, drivers need to take appropriate measures to make sure theircars are roadworthy. Keeping up with routine maintenance is a great way to ensure one’s car is ready for the weather. Drivers should also familiarize themselves with bad-weather driving techniques.

RoutineMaintenance for Inclement Weather

  • Inspect and replace any dead headlights, brake lights and turn signals.
  • Replace old wiper blades.
  • Check tire pressure and tread.
  • Have the brakes checked or serviced.
  • Is the defroster working?
  • Have the transmission checked, and replace fluids if necessary.

It isn’t enough to just have a roadworthy car. Drivers need to be prepared to handle poor weather conditions. Even a small amount of rain can leave roads dangerously slick. In fact, roads are often most dangerous just as rain begins tofall. This is because the water mixes with any residual oil and petroleum products on the roadways.

Safety on the Road in Poor Weather

  • Adjust your speed for the road conditions.
  • Stop and accelerate lightly to avoid sliding or surprising other drivers.
  • Give other drivers plenty of space.
  • Avoid making sudden moves, because other drivers may not be prepared.
  • Exercise additional caution when changing lanes and turning.
  • If the conditions are unsafe, get off of the road.
  • Always approach bridges with extra caution.

With a little bit of preparation and vigilance, it is possible to drive safely during inclement weather. Ultimately, it’s up to each driver to exercise good judgment where weather conditions are concerned. When in doubt, pull over in a safe area until conditions improve.