No Accountability with Texas Forest Service- Young County Woman Denied Coverage by State Farm Policy

Brenda Nolen, of Young County, never imagined her insurance company would refuse to cover her medical bills following a crash. On April 17, 2011, Nolen was rear-ended by a Texas Forest Service automobile. Nolen had to undergo multiple surgeries for a neck injury that occurred during the crash. In addition, she is still without a car. According to the official report, the Texas Forest Service employee fell asleep at the wheel. Both the Texas Forest Service and Nolen’s insurance company, State Farm, are refusing to pay for any damages and medical bills incurred. KFDX News Channel 3 Covered the story.

Unfortunately, Nolen is dealing with two big organizations who are refusing pay her. The Texas Forest Service is asserting that they are immune from the damage caused during the collision under the state’s Homeland Security Act. Patrick Scott, attorney here at the Altman Legal Group was quick to point out that this doesn’t protect government employees from injuring and killing law-abiding citizens. “The purpose of that act was to increase command and control amongst our local emergency responders and they are asserting that these laws apply to every situation where a Texas Forest Service employee injures someone or kills them.”