Oil Field Explosion in Young County

A recent oil field explosion in Graham, Texas brings attention to the dangers that oil field workers face. Oil field injuries can be incredibly debilitating. The explosion occurred in Young County, north of Loving, Texas. The charred scene of the explosion is still covered in oil. One victim has been severely burned. Another victim sustained minor burns while attempting to get the first victim to safety.

The incident occurred when the tank battery a worker was welding on exploded. The tank battery was thought to be empty when the worker began welding. Whether or not there was workplace negligence remains to be seen. Was the worker intentionally asked to work in a dangerous situation? The corporation involved is still investigating exactly how this unfortunate accident occurred. Whether or not proper safety precautions were taken is unknown.

The severely burned victim remains in critical condition in Parkland Hospital in Dallas. Officials have stated that the victim sustained third degree burns on at least 80 percent of his body. It would be prudent for the family of the victim to contact a Texoma personal injury lawyer. Having an advocate during this difficult time is crucial. This family will be facing expensive medical bills. Ongoing treatment and costly rehabilitation is often necessary for victims of oil field explosions.