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OK Firefighters Learn New Techniques for Fighting Grass Fires

Unfortunately, grass fires are nothing new for Texoma citizens. The importance of properly extinguishing these types of fires can’t be overstated. Ranchers depend on good grazing land, and any fire in North Texas or Oklahoma has the potential to do serious damage. KFDX News Channel Three recently reported on a grass fire fighting training course at Fort Sill. There were 245 volunteer firefighters from Oklahoma who attended the weekend course and learned a variety of new techniques for safely extinguishing grass fires. Paddy Metcalf, Fire Program Coordinator for Oklahoma State University, stressed that safety was a top priority during this exercise.

Why Are Grass Fires so Dangerous?

Grass fires burn quickly, especially in a dry windy environment like Texoma. Although the term ‘grass fire’ doesn’t seem too bad, grass fires can devastate entire ranching and farming operations. Additionally, they can spread quickly and damage acres of farm land, destroy barns and machinery, burn homes and cost ranchers thousands of dollars. Grass fires are dangerous for a number of reasons. In drought conditions, fires involving dead dry grass can quickly engulf acres upon acres. Grass fires spread quickly and can damage homes, structures and old growth trees.

Damages Associated With Grass Fires

  • Reseeding costs can be incredibly expensive due to the charred ground.
  • A loss of grazing land can be devastating to ranchers who need to feed their cattle.
  • A grass fire can also impact cattle production.
  • Farmers and ranchers may have a permanent loss of value for their grazing land.
  • It may also be necessary to repair and replace fencing after a grass fire.
  • If structures, homes and trees are involved, the costs can be astronomical.

After a Grass Fire Damages Your Property

Don’t be fooled by cold weather, prescribed burns and unintentional fires can quickly burn out of control in windy dry conditions. If your property has sustained damage because of a grass fire, you should contact an experienced fire damage attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer can stay abreast of case developments and follow up with the fire investigator. Especially for ranchers and farmers, your land is your livelihood. Getting you fairly compensated for your damages is the top priority. Contact the experienced fire damage attorneys at the Altman Legal Group at 800-772-0828 for a free consultation. Our lawyers can be reached at our offices in Wichita Falls, Texas and Lawton, Oklahoma.

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