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Defective Products

Product manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and retailers have a duty to make sure products are safe before they go to consumers. When products aren’t safe, people can get injured or killed. If you’ve lost a loved one due to a faulty or defective product, you should speak with an experienced wrongful death attorney as soon as possible.

Consumer Protection and Wrongful Death

Thankfully, there are laws in place that theoretically protect consumers from defective products. Makin sure those laws are properly adhered to is another story altogether. Product liability theories pertaining to your case might involve design defects, manufacturing defects or a failure to warn of safety risks. A wrongful death lawyer with products liability experience will be able to determine if negligent design, negligent manufacture, strict liability, breach of warranty or a variety of other consumer protection liabilities apply to your case.

Different Types of Defective Products

  • Defective car parts
  • Exploding gas cans
  • Faulty medical devices
  • Unsafe child safety seats
  • Defective tires
  • Unsafe heated blankets
  • Faulty air bags
  • Defective toys
  • Unsafe space heaters

Before a Recall

Product recalls are rarely ever conducted swiftly and efficiently. This means that innocent victims can become injured or killed while manufacturers are deciding on whether or not there’s even a problem. Even if a particular automobile or product hasn’t been officially recalled, you still have the ability to make a complaint and file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Contacting a Wrongful Death Attorney

If you suspect that your loved one died due to a defective or faulty product, you need to speak with a wrongful death lawyer. It could take months or years for an official recall to be issued, so get the ball rolling on your case as soon as possible. Your lawsuit may even help to save lives by raising awareness about unsafe and defective products. Our wrongful death attorneys are experienced in handling cases where defective products are involved. Whether you’ve lost a loved one in a car with a faulty part or in an explosion from a defective gas can, contact our skilled team today.

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