Truck Wrecks

Injured In A Big Rig Accident?

In 2010, 3675 people were killed in crashes involving a big rig (NHTSA).

A traffic wreck involving a commercial truck, such as an eighteen-wheeler (18-wheeler) or other large freight carrier can be much more catastrophic than an ordinary car wreck. If you were in an accident involving a truck, call the Altman Legal Group in Texoma today at 1-800-772-0828.

The trucking industry is heavily regulated, but the economics do not always encourage safe operation. Some big rig drivers spend too many hours on the road without enough rest, or fail to stop for necessary maintenance and repairs. Contact our truck accident lawyers today if you have been involved in a wreck involving a truck driver that was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding, or driving erratically. We also help clients who have been injured in big rig collisions caused by preventable mechanical failure, distracted drivers, or driver inexperience. Truck wrecks resulting from these preventable actions can cause serious injury or death.

We’ll Recover What You Deserve

The Federal government has enacted hundreds of pages of specialized laws that apply solely to commercial trucks. The trucking accident, collision and wreck lawyers in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma at the Altman Legal Group have the legal expertise necessary to identify and investigate truck safety violations.

Contact the Altman Legal Group today if you have been injured in a collision involving a:

  • Tractor-trailer
  • 18-wheeler
  • Tanker truck
  • Dump truck
  • Semi truck
  • Delivery vehicle
  • Flatbed truck
  • Panel truck
  • Freight truck

The trucking company and its insurance carrier have experienced attorneys on their side. So should you. Our personal injury law firm is ready to serve you if you have suffered an injury from an eighteen-wheeler accident. Contact Texoma’s experienced truck wreck lawyers as soon as possible to protect your rights.

Helping Truck Accident Victims Throughout Texoma

Altman Legal Group maintains both a Wichita Falls, TX and a Lawton, OK office. All of our attorneys are licensed in Texas and Oklahoma. We are here to help if you have been seriously injured or a loved one has been killed in a big rig accident.

Our principal office is in Wichita Falls, Texas. However, Altman Legal Group represents clients for personal injury claims across Texas, Oklahoma and many other states. We routinely handle personal injury cases in Wichita Falls, Graham, Burkburnett, Sheppard Air Force Base, Iowa Park, Henrietta, Electra, Seymour, Eastland, Vernon, Jacksboro, Stephenville and many others. Oklahoma cities include Lawton, Ft. Sill, Duncan, Altus and many more.

If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in a commercial trucking accident, call us today at in Lawton at 580-353-HURT (4878) or in Wichita Falls at 940-761-4000.