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Insurance Claims & Denials

The Insurance Company Doesn’t Always Put You First

Insurance companies have an obligation to treat people fairly and in good faith. However, many insurance companies try to increase profits by unfairly using delay tactics, denying clearly valid claims, and/or offering less than fair compensation.

Altman Legal Group has been successful in forcing insurance companies who engage in these unfair or illegal tactics not only to pay the benefit amounts due, but, in some cases, to pay additional compensation for the losses or harm caused by their unfair tactics. In certain types of cases, the insurance company is required to pay your attorney’s fees.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of unjust denial of benefits or bad faith insurance practices, or if you have questions about this, contact one of the experienced lawyers at Altman Legal Group now. You may also complete a FREE consultation form on the right side of this page. With offices in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma, our personal injury lawyers are ready to serve you. Time is of the essence in protecting your legal rights.

If your life, health, or accident insurance policy claim is denied or payment delayed without just cause, you may have a right to recover from your insurance company. Possible damages include:

  • Breach of contract
  • Bad faith
  • Benefits due to you by terms of your policy

This is a complex area of the law. If the benefits due under your policy are not promptly paid, you should discuss your rights the lawyers at Altman Legal Group who are experienced in claims involving life, health, and accident insurance.

What Causes an Insurance Claim Lawsuit?

Unfortunately, with car accidents and other types of personal injury liability claims, it is not only the injured person that must go to trial. If the insurance company decides not to settle, then their own insured (who caused the wreck) must go to trial. Insurance companies generally have a goal of keeping and investing the premium money as long as possible.

In Texas and Oklahoma, a personal injury lawsuit against another person or company names the Defendant the person or company who caused the injury…..NOT the insurance company. In almost all of the cases tried in personal injury lawsuits, the Defendant will never pay a dime out of their pocket towards a judgment — it is the responsibility of the insurance company. The jury does not have knowledge of this though. This is an injustice, as it incorrectly identifies who will pay the damages awarded. This only furthers an insurance company’s resolve to deny or undervalue the claim and is what causes many lawsuits to be filed.

Insurance Litigation Specialists

Our firm maintains both a North Texas and Southern Oklahoma office. All of our attorneys are licensed in Texas and Oklahoma.  We are here to help if you have been denied by the insurance company.

Our principal office is in Wichita Falls, Texas. However, Altman Legal Group represents clients for personal injury claims across Texas, Oklahoma and many other states. We routinely handle personal injury cases in Wichita Falls, Graham, Burkburnett, Sheppard Air Force Base, Iowa Park, Henrietta, Electra, Seymour, Eastland, Vernon, Jacksboro, Stephenville and many others. Oklahoma cities include Lawton, Ft. Sill, Duncan, Altus and many more.

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Our attorneys are happy to accommodate difficult schedules. We can meet you in the early morning or late afternoon hours.

We can even schedule appointments on the weekends. We are also available to meet you at home or in the hospital if you do not have transportation, or if your injury doesn’t allow you to travel.

What We Offer Clients And Their Loved Ones:

Initial consultations on personal injury cases are always free.
You do not pay us unless we win your case on personal injury cases.
We`re available to answer your legal questions.
We can be an advocate for your loved ones.
Help provide families with resources and advice.
Resolve automobile property damage claims.
Help you find a doctor, even if you don`t have insurance.
We can deal with the insurance companies.

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