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Randlett, Oklahoma Man Dies in House Fire

A tragic fire took the life of a Randlett, Oklahoma man earlier this week. The fire occurred sometime around 11:25 p.m., last Monday night. There were only two occupants in the house at the time. Tina Brown was able to escape. Sadly, her husband, Steven Brown, perished in the fire.

Tina’s father, Marion Robinson, found his daughter spraying the house down with a water hose, late Monday night. Tina narrowly escaped the fire, and was unable to get Steven out. When Robinson arrived on the scene, he tried to go in after Steven too. Even crawling on the floor, the smoke was too much for him. He called out for Steven, but heard no response. He was able to get back outside, where they waited for emergency responders.

Mr. Robinson stated that the fire marshals were investigating for two or three hours after the fire was put out. Neighbors originally thought that the water heater exploded. Mr. Robinson reported that the water heater looked intact after the fire. An in depth arson investigation should determine what actually caused the fire. Assistant State Fire Marshal, Joanne Sellers, reported that the fire started in the bedroom on the southeast side of the home before moving up to the attic and spreading. No details have been released about what actually caused the fire. She did confirm that the water heater was not the source of the fire, nor was any other appliance.

This tragedy immediately raised concerns about the safety of potential fire hazards in the home. If a defective heater or other faulty product was the cause of this fire, Mrs. Brown may have a wrongful death lawsuit. It is important to contact an experienced attorney following any dangerous or deadly fire. An attorney can keep abreast of official investigative details with local law enforcement officials and fire marshals. In addition, an experienced wrongful death attorney can help surviving victims find and hold responsible parties accountable. If the fire marshal releases information about a faulty product or defective heater, a lawyer should be contacted immediately.

Tina Brown sustained burns to her face, body and hands. She was originally taken to United Regional Hospital in Wichita Falls before being transferred to Parkland in Dallas. The team at the Altman Legal Group sends their deepest condolences to the family members and friends of Steven Brown. In addition, we also wish Tina Brown a speedy and full recovery.

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