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Safe Driving in Winter Weather

At least two drivers in Wichita Falls will be exercising more caution next time they head out on icy roadways. Their cars slid out of control on Highway 287, ending up in a pond. Roads became icy after the snowfall that occurred late Sunday night. Winter roadway conditions can quickly become unsafe for drivers. The Texas Department of Transportation is calling on drivers to exercise safe winter driving habits this season.

The two drivers lost control of their cars on Monday morning. They ended up sliding into the pond below the Wichita Falls sign on Highway 287. The roads were slippery following the snow storm late Sunday night. The drivers were presumably on their morning commutes, since the incidents occurred around 8:00 a.m. Both drivers were okay, aside from being cold and wet in the 20 degree weather. It is unclear whether or not these drivers were exercising adequate caution on the icy roadway. Failing to plan for a longer commute time in winter weather can cause some commuters to drive too fast. Accelerating can be dangerous on slippery roads. Cars may not be able to stop in time to avoid potential hazards when roads are icy.

North Texas towns like Wichita Falls receive more snowfall than cities in other parts of the state. Drivers should always take care to exercise extra caution in wintery conditions. Icy roadways can often lead to an increase in automobile crashes. It’s important to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in Texoma following any automobile collision.

The Texas Department of Transportation offers drivers some winter driving safety tips. Drivers are encouraged to exercise caution and allow extra time for regular commutes. It may be necessary in some circumstances to wait until roadway conditions improve before driving.

The Texas Department of Transportation’s Safety Tips for Winter Travel

  • Remove snow and ice from automobile prior to driving.
  • Ensure vehicle is properly maintained for winter weather according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Make sure all headlights and tail lights are working properly.
  • Accelerate slowly, drive slowly and stay alert for traffic signals.
  • Use caution when approaching bridges, shaded spots and turns.

Following these safety tips and exercising a little bit of caution will help keep drivers in Wichita Falls safe this season. If you are injured in an auto accident during wintery road conditions, please contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in Texoma as soon as possible.

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