Seven People Injured on an Icy 287

A wreck on 287 left seven people injured on Wednesday. The Clay County crash occurred during icy roadway conditions. The recent blizzard left many roads in North Texas dangerously slick. A driver that was towing a utility trailer lost traction on the icy road. The vehicle then over-turned into the center median. A 15-year-old girl from Denton, Texas was ejected from the vehicle. She was air-lifted to United Regional Hospital where she remains in serious condition. There is no word yet on whether or not the girl was wearing her seatbelt. The crash left three other passengers pinned inside of the vehicle. According to law enforcement, they suffered serious injuries as well. In addition, three other people suffered minor injuries. Many questions remain regarding this accident which is still under investigation.

Citizens in Wichita Falls may only see snow and winter weather conditions a few times each year. Unfortunately, many drivers may be unprepared for the hazards of driving in winter weather. The recent blizzard left roads icy and dangerous for days. The crash, which injured seven people, was only one of the many wrecks that occurred following the blizzard.

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