Small Plane Crash Kills Family from Wichita Falls

Last weekend, a family with ties to Wichita Falls was killed in a small plane crash. According to KFDX News Channel Three, the incident happened just after takeoff from the Cook Canyon Ranch Airport, near Ranger. John and Debi Weaver of Granbury along with their daughter, 33-year-old Courtney Weaver, were killed in the crash. Although Courtney was currently working in the Houston area, she attended Wichita Falls High School as a teenager.

Lancair LC 40 Crashed into Wooded Area

Initial reports indicate that the single-engine Lancair LC 40 went down about 85 miles from the airport, shortly after takeoff. The aircraft landed in a wooded area, and officials with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are still investigating the cause of the crash. Services were held at the Wade Family Funeral Home and Trinity United Methodist Church in Arlington, Texas.

Multiple Aviation Crashes in North Texas

Strangely, small plane crashes in and around North Texas have been happening all summer. Last week, we reported on a fatal small plane crash in Montague County. A man and his 10-year-old son were killed in that wreck, which is likely still under investigation with the FAA. Another North Texas small aircraft crash took the life of a 71-year-old pilot. Two crashes even happened in Wichita Falls within a few weeks of one another. Thankfully, pilots and passengers in those crashes survived.

Small Plane Crashes and Aviation Accident Investigation

No matter what size the plane is, federal investigations always follow aviation crashes. FAA investigators and officials are likely trying to determine exactly what caused each individual plane crash in order to find out if the crash could have been prevented or if similar types of crashes can be prevented in the future. These investigations are often incredibly in depth, and investigators must have the knowledge, education and experience to forensically examine a variety of potential mechanical issues and human errors.

Hiring an Attorney with Aviation Experience

Although aviation accidents can be lengthy and time consuming, hiring a personal injury attorney with aviation experience will help to get the ball rolling on your case. If a plane crash is the result of a defective part, mechanical malfunction, manufacturing error or certain other reason, victims or their surviving family members will be able to recover compensation for the damages associated with the crash. The team at the Altman Legal Group sends their deepest condolences to the family members and friends of the Weaver Family.