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Lawton Child Killed in Pit Bull Attack

Last week, a three-year-old child was killed in a dog attack involving a Pit Bull in Lawton, Oklahoma. According to KFDX News Channel Three, the incident happened at about 9:00 a.m., on Southwest 17th Street. Apparently, three-year-old Jordan Collins was playing in the backyard while a family friend was babysitting and watching him through a window. Although very few details have been released, the babysitter reportedly looked up to see the child lying injured on the ground. When first responders arrived on the scene, the Pit Bull was aggressive and had to be shot.

Dog Attack Statistics at a Glance

  • In the 10-year period from 2005 to 2014, Pit Bulls killed 203 Americans.
  • Pit Bulls accounted for 62 percent of the total recorded dog-attack fatalities during that time frame.
  • Combined, Pit Bulls and Rottweilers accounted for 74 percent of those deaths over that 10-year period.
  • Every day, approximately 1,000 people require emergency care treatment for a dog bite across the country.

Pit Bull Attack Pattern

The Pit Bull attack pattern is one of the reasons why they’re so highly represented in fatal attacks. Pit Bulls are known for having a “bite-hold-shake” attack pattern. Anybody who has ever seen a bully dog hang from a rope in a competition or get a hold of anything can visualize the attack pattern. The tissue damage associated with Pit Bull attacks has been likened to that of shark attacks. Couple the ‘hold and shake’ bite pattern with a dog that has incredibly strong jaws and you could have catastrophic or fatal tissue damage in a matter of seconds.

Dangerous Dogs in Texoma

Recently, we have seen an increase in dog bites and attacks from notoriously dangerous breeds like Pit bulls, Rottweilers and other bully-breeds. In many cases, the dogs had never previously attacked or shown any aggressive tendencies of any kind. While many breed advocates may disagree, the fact remains that these attacks and bites happen every day. It’s also important to note that dogs of any breed can bite and attack. If you or a loved one has been bitten or attacked by a pit bull or any other type of dog, contact a skilled personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

The team at the Altman Legal Group sends their deepest condolences to Jordan Collins’ family members, friends and loved ones.

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