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Henrietta Bicyclist Attacked by Dog

Last week, a Henrietta woman was viciously attacked by dog. According to KFDX News Channel Three, the incident happened at about 7:00 p.m. on Sunday, in front of a daycare center. Donna Holman was riding her bike when two dogs attacked her. A small dog bit one of her legs, and a large dog bit the other leg multiple times and both arms as she was fighting it off.

Apparently, an elderly gentleman was walking the two dogs that attacked Holman, as well as two other dogs at the time of the attack. He was unable to pull the attacking dogs off of Holman, because he was trying to keep the other two from joining the frenzy. When the dogs finally let go of Holman, the daycare owner rushed her to Clay County Memorial Hospital, where it took nearly three hours to sew up her wounds.

Thankfully, Holman is on the mend, but she was most concerned with the fact that the elderly man was walking four dogs across from a daycare center at the time of the attack. He was unable to assist her or pull the first two dogs off of her, because he was trying to contain the other two. KFDX News did report that Henrietta ordinances require the dog to be quarantined prior to being returned to the owner, but there’s no word on how that process is going. Additionally, they were unable to confirm whether or not the owner of the dogs received any citations.

Injuries Associated with Dog Attacks

Injuries associated with dog attacks can range from mild cuts, scrapes and bruises to severe lacerations, damaged tissue and complicated infections. In addition to the pain, physical scars and torn flesh, dog attacks are also associated with powerful emotional damage. After all, most people have warm feelings about man’s best friend. For the most part, dogs are wonderful, loyal family pets, but if a dog has attacked you, it can create a high level of fear and emotional suffering.

After a Dog Bite

If you or a loved one has been attacked or bitten by a dog, you need to speak with an experienced dog bite attorney as soon as possible. Dog bite victims are often facing extensive medical bills, lost wages and other expenses associated with the attack. The team at Altman Legal Group can be reached at 940-761-4000 for a free consultation today.

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