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OHP Trooper Seriously Injured in Crash

On Thursday night, a trooper with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol was seriously injured in a crash on Highway 183. According to KFDX News Channel Three, the incident happened in the southbound area of the highway. Apparently, Trooper Gary Sanders had pulled a vehicle over when another vehicle crashed into the back of his patrol car. The patrol car then struck the automobile he had initially pulled over.

OHP Trooper Injured in Wreck on Highway 183

The injured trooper was immediately rushed to Frederick Hospital to be stabilized before being air lifted to United Regional. There’s no word on whether or not anybody else was injured in this wreck. Additionally, no information has been released on the extent of Sanders’ injuries or his current condition. We also don’t know if the driver that rear-ended his patrol car was cited or how this crash could have happened. Could it have been a case of distracted or impaired driving? Very few details have been released, and the crash is likely still under investigation with law enforcement authorities.

Move Over Laws

Texas and Oklahoma have “Move Over” laws that require motorists to move over a lane or slow down for first responders like police officers, state troopers and fire fighters. Additionally, Texas’ Move Over law was expanded to include Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) workers. Drivers are required to move over or slow down if they see the flashing blue lights of a first responder or the flashing amber lights of a roadway worker. These laws ensure roadway workers can safely do their jobs and return home to their families at the end of the day.

Respecting and Protecting First Responders

These Move Over laws were put into place to protect our first responders and roadway workers. Highway troopers and other road workers have incredibly dangerous jobs. Although we typically think of shootouts and “bad guys” as primary dangers for cops, but car crashes are actually the most dangerous risks facing men and women in uniform.

Brave men and women in law enforcement, emergency medical services and fire rescue risk their lives to protect us all. The least we can do is respect and protect them by moving over a lane and slowing down so they can do their jobs safely. The team at the Altman Legal Group wishes Trooper Gary Sanders a full and swift recovery from his injuries and appreciates his service.

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