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Tag: wet weather car accidents

Safe Driving During Stormy Weather

Although Texoma residents have become quite familiar with driving in hot and dry conditions, the occasional rainy day isn’t off the table this summer.

Safely navigating the roadways during stormy weather needs to be a top priority for motorists when the rain begins to fall. Drivers are urged to slow down and allow themselves extra time to get to their destinations or stay off the road until conditions improve.

Multiple Wrecks During Wet Conditions

Multiple wrecks across Texoma have occurred during the recent bursts of stormy weather. A fatal crash on Kell west is being blamed on high speed and wet roadway conditions. Flooding in various areas of Wichita Falls had some automobiles stranded last week.

Standing water and flash flooding can leave roadways dangerous for commuters. Reports of hydroplaning had at least one car veering off the roadway on Highway 287. Authorities have asked motorists to respect barriers and stay off the roadways in poor weather, when possible.

Wet Weather Driving Information

  • The road is most dangerous in the first 10 minutes after a light rain, due to oil and water mixing.
  • Refrain from setting your car on cruise control in bad weather.
  • Slow down and leave more room than normal between your car and the car in front of you, in case there is an emergency or your vehicle begins to hydroplane.

Driving Too Fast for Conditions

Forbes found that speeding was a factor in 30 percent of all fatal collisions. Motorists should note that it’s not enough to just follow the speed limit. In certain circumstances, following posted speed limits may be irresponsible and even reckless. Driving too fast for conditions is dangerous.

If the weather is deteriorating and visibility is poor, motorists need to adjust their speed accordingly, and allow themselves additional room between their cars and the cars in front of them. This will allow more time and space in the event of an emergency or hydroplaning.

What to do After a Car Accident

After any kind of collision, it’s a good idea to speak with an experienced car accident attorney. Accident victims are often out of work and in the hospital. On top of everything, insurance companies might not be as helpful as they could be.

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