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Tag: wichita county burn ban lifted

Burn Ban Lifted in Wichita County

Thanks to recent rain in the Texoma area, officials in Wichita County have lifted the two-year long countywide burn ban. KFDX News Channel Three reported on the recent decision. This will allow residents to finally burn some unwanted brush and tend small fires on their property. It’s important to note that even though the ban has been lifted, residents need to be as careful as ever when tending to fires on their property.

County Officials Warn of Fire Danger

Although the burn ban is being lifted, Woody Gossom, Wichita County Judge, wants residents to know that there is still a threat. County officials are quick to point out that residents shouldn’t be fooled by all of the green foliage, brush burning or fires of any kind can be dangerous if not properly tended and watched. Even though the leaves have turned green, they can still become fuel for out-of-control fires.

Preparing For a Safe Burn

It only takes an instant of inattention for a fire to burn out of control. You need to be with your fire at all times. Residents have to remain with their fires for safe and positive control. If you have a fire going, it needs to be your top priority. Equally important, is having the necessary water and fire extinguishing supplies nearby and ready.

Texoma Counties Where Burn Bans Have Been Lifted

  • Montague
  • Clay
  • Jack
  • Young
  • Archer
  • Throckmorton
  • Wilbarger
  • Foard
  • Knox
  • Wichita

Additional Burn Restrictions in Texoma Counties

At this time, residents in Baylor County are required to call dispatch before and after conducting controlled burns. Also, there must be a person with the fire at all times, and they must also have ample water and fire extinguishing equipment at the ready. Finally, they can only burn when winds are below 10 miles per hour. In Hardeman County, residents have to get permission from local fire departments and alert the Sheriff’s office and their neighbors prior to burning.

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