Texoma Grassfire

Even with all of the recent precipitation, Texoma still remains at a high risk for fire danger. On Tuesday afternoon, a grassfire started just off Reilly Loop Road and Easter Road. This Wichita County fire had volunteer firefighters coming from Friberg-Cooper and Burkburnett to assist in fighting the flames. KFDX News Channel Three reports that about 29 acres of land were burned. Luckily, no structures have been reported as having sustained damage. Authorities are still investigating this fire to determine the cause.

Although no homes or structures have been reported as burned, grassfires can be incredibly damaging to property and land. Landowners may have a difficult time reseeding grass in an area where the ground has been scorched. It’s not uncommon for grassfires to leave grass stems and roots completely charred. It may also be necessary to replace expensive fencing or find alternative grazing areas for livestock. Old-growth trees and shade trees are also incredibly difficult for landowners to replace, but victims may be able to obtain compensation for damaged trees if responsible parties are identified. It’s important to have an experienced fire investigator on the scene as swiftly as possible.