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Tragic Railroad Crash Kills Four

This past Thursday, a tragic railroad crash in Midland, Texas killed four people and injured 17. The train collided with a tractor-trailer carrying veterans and their families during a parade. The tractor-trailer was struck by the train just as it was crossing the railroad tracks. The parade was honoring wounded veterans and their families. This horrific tragedy has shed new light on the dangers of railway crossings. Texas has more railway crossings than any other state. Combined with the especially high number of roadway fatalities in Texas each year, this is a matter that needs attention.

A spokesman for Union Pacific stated that the preliminary investigation indicated that the lights and gates were operating at the time of the collision. A more in-depth investigation may bring new evidence to light. Discovering who was at fault for this tragic crash is a top priority for investigative officials.

Questions remain about how and why this collision occurred. Was the tractor-trailer driver distracted? If the lights and gates were working properly, why was the float hit? The National Transportation Safety Board is in Midland to continue the investigation of this horrific event. Investigators are hoping to salvage the video recordings from onboard the train. Determining who is at fault will be the primary objective of investigating officials. An experienced Texoma personal injury attorney can stay abreast of official investigative developments.

Railway injuries can often be severe, and in many cases, deadly. Most railway accidents are preventable. The recent tragedy in Midland brings attention to railway safety in Texas. There are almost 15,000 railroad crossings in Texas. Texas has more railroad-vehicle intersections than any other state in the nation. According to data from the Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety Analysis over 450 railway related fatalities occurred in the first eight months of this year. In the three years prior to 2012, Texas had 822 railroad crossing accidents. According to the railroad administration, that was more accidents than any other state. Texas accounted for almost 10 percent of all railroad crossing accidents in the nation.

Investigations are still being conducted to determine the cause of this dangerous and deadly collision. Experts believe the investigation could continue for months. Contacting an experienced Texoma personal injury attorney should be a top priority following any railroad collision. The team at Altman Legal Group offers their deepest condolences to the family members and friends of those killed in this terrible tragedy.

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